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By schoolfilmer and suikerdiamant


Note: When a character is talking with a squeaky voice after they have shrunk, the text is in Italics.

(Stella is in the practice field, where Stella and Luna can practice on newly gained spells. Right now, Stella got "Star Shrinker", and Luna got "Lunar Shrinker". That's right, they share some of the spells they get.)

Stella: Look at that, I'm making progress! Just a few more of those, and I'm all ready!

(Luna enters abruptly, scaring Stella so she flings a Shrinking Star spell at her)

Luna: Whoa! (Shrinks to a very tiny size)
Stella: Oh my... Luna, are you OK?
Luna: Yes, but what did you do to me?!
Stella: I must have shrunk you by accident...
Luna: So I'm tiny, you said? Turn me back to normal at once!
Stella: Sorry sis, you have to wait 24 hours, and then you'll grow back to your normal size.
Luna: I have to wait for a day for the spell to wear off?! I'm so mad at you now... I have a bone to pick with you when I'm back to normal!
Stella: (Thinking) Oh dear... I'm in trouble...

Anne: (in her hamster form) Hello, Stella! (Doesn't see Luna and almost steps on her)
Luna: Hey! Watch it, you almost stepped on me!
Stella: Oh... Err... Hi, Anne...
Anne: (Looks down) Oh...(Drops on her knees) What happened to you? (Puts Luna on her hand)
Luna: We just got a new spell each, and she was practicing on it. I just came in to say hello to Stella, and then she zapped me with the shrinking spell, making me this small. Now I have to wait for 24 hours until I can return to my normal size.
Anne: Ah...I get it.
Sadly enough...I don't have a growth spell...
I can only transform, appear, disappear and make things appear and disappear in thin air... So I can't help you.
Luna: Oh... Looks like I have to wait until I'm back to my normal size...

Kim: What's going on here? Oh, hello Anne! What are you holding in your paws? Let me take a look.
Anne: (Turns around) Hey, Kim!
It's Luna. (Stretches her paws out to Kim) See?
Kim: What happened to her?! She's so puny!
Anne: (Points at Stella) Her magic did this.
Kim: Stella... What have you done to Luna?!
Stella: It was an accident, I swear! Talk to Luna about that, please!
Kim: OK... Luna... What happened?
Luna: Stella was practicing on her new spell, and she got me by surprise when I was going to say hello to Stella. So now you know why I'm so small. There is a way to return me back to my normal size, but I have to wait for 24 hours to make it wear off.
Kim: I see. There must be a way to shorten the wait...
Anne: I don't know... My magic can't help you...
Kim: Good grief... Hmm... Ah, now I know what we can do to make the time go faster! Or something like that...
Anne: And?

Kim: We can play some games to speed up the time. I got so many, and I'm ready to play! Come along, girls!
Stella: Let's go! I really want to play something!
Luna: Take me with you, Kim!
Kim: OK, Loony! (Takes Luna from Anne's paws) Are you coming, Anne?
Anne: Okay... What kind of games?
Kim: I've got several board games, so Luna can play with us, as tiny as she is, and I've got my Wii all souped up and ready to play!
Anne: Okay! What's first?
Kim: You and Luna will play some board games, while I and Stella can enjoy some hefty competitive games on my Wii!
Stella: Oh boy, I can't wait to smash Kim in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
Kim: Say WHAT?!
Stella: Don't worry, we're still good friends although we beat each other in Brawl!
Anne: (Snickers) Come, Luna!
Luna: Alright! So... what are we going to play? The pieces must not be too big, or else I can't push them!
Anne: What about that game with the black and white little round blocks?
I don't know the english name of it...
Luna: Oh, checkers! I love that game! Watch out, I'm pretty good at it!
Anne: Me too! (Gets the game)

(Two and a half hours later)

Kim: Wow, Stella, you really beat the pulp out of me! You're a very tough opponent!
Stella: (Giggles) Thanks, you're pretty good too!
Kim: Anne, how's it going with the game of checkers?
Anne: It's even...(Moves a piece to the left)
Luna: (Moves one of her pieces) Queen it up! I told you I was very good at this game, didn't I?
Anne: Does checkers has a queen? (Moves a piece over one of Luna's and moves it to the side)

Kim: Yes, when a piece has gotten all the way up to the very top of the opponent's side, you can put another piece of it, and now it can move backwards as well as forwards.
Luna: Oh snap, I'm about to lose...

Kim: (Stomach growls) Urgh... I'm hungry...
Stella: Me too.
Luna: Same here!
Anne: Yeah... Me too...(Moves a queen over another one of Luna's pieces)
Kim: Good things I have some sunflower seeds lying around. (Finds a bag of sunflower seeds) Alright, ladies, eat as much as you want!
Luna: I have a small stomach because I'm shrunken. I'll just have one.
Anne: What's the word when you win in checkers in English? (Takes a sunflower seed from the bag)
Kim: There is no word for a victory in checkers. (Takes two sunflower seeds from the bag)
Anne: Okay... I won! (Nibbles on the sunflower seed)

(After the feast)

Kim: Oh boy, I'm stuffed!
Stella: Me too!
Luna: Don't forget me! Only one seed and I'm full? Looks like being tiny can conserve a lot of food!
Kim: Maybe, but getting from A to B when tiny does indeed take a lot of time! Now... What are we going to do? It's still 21 hours left until Luna can return to her normal size!
Anne: *yawn* Let's sleep a little...
Kim: Good idea. I'm getting sleepy, since I've been drawing all night... *yawn*
Luna: Being tiny makes me so tired...
Anne: This is where my magic jumps in! (Does some weird motions with her hands and several big and small pillows, blankets and other sleeping items appears in the room)
Oops... A little too many sleeping items...
Kim: So what? It's so soft, you can get dozy by just looking... *yawn* at... (Falls asleep on top of Anne)
Anne: (Pushes Kim) Hey, there's enough sleeping items here. I'm not a bed... Even though I'm soft... Get off! (Pushes Kim off her and on a purple and very big pillow)
Kim: Zzz-wha? Oh, sorry! I've heard of someone falling asleep, but this is ridiculous! Wow, what a nice big pillow! Umm... What's Luna supposed to sleep on or in?
Anne: (Snickers and jumps on the purple pillow where she almost in disappears) Mmm... Good question...
Luna? What are your favorite colours? I'll make a special pillow for you.
Luna: My favorite color is light blue, just like my face and the sides of my body!
Anne: Okay! (Does the same weird hand motions and a light blue, small, but broad pillow with a moon appears)  This pillow will grow with you, so you won't fall off it when you grow back to your normal size again!
Luna: Thanks, Anne! I love this pillow!
Kim: *yawn* Let's not dawdle, let's get some sleep.
Stella: We need to recharge our energy.
Anne: (Sighs) I love my magic... (Pulls a purple and pink spotted blanket over her body and sinks further into the purple pillow)
Kim: Now my eyelids are almost completely shut... I'll get on the pillow! (Gets three blankets, one for himself, one for Stella and one for tiny Luna)
Stella: I'll take that red one with stars on. I love them!
Kim: And here's one especially for you, Loony! A light blue tiny blanket!
Luna: Thanks, Kim!
Kim: No problemo! I'll get on the big pillow. (Pulls the grey blanket with an orange egde over his body and sinks into the pillow)
Anne: Hey, Kim? Why do you call Luna "Loony"? Thats not very nice...*yawn*
Kim: It's close to her name, and she doesn't mind being called "Loony" when I'm saying that. *yawn* Good night.
Anne: Okay...(Closes her eyes and turns on her side) Good night everyone... (Falls asleep)

(The sleep takes 12 hours. Hamsters are indeed known for sleeping a long time!)

Kim: *yawn* Urgh... What time is it? I feel so refreshed!
Stella: I don't know... But I feel way better now!
Kim: Luna's still tiny... Maybe the sleepover wasn't so effective?
Anne: (Snores a little with her face in the pillow) Zzz...
Kim: They're still sleeping...
Stella: Kim, look! Luna is waking up!
Luna: *yawn* Oh dear... What was in those sunflower seeds?
Kim: (Pokes Anne) Anne, wake up!
Anne: (Swats his hand away) 5 more minutes, Dad... (Turns around)
Kim: (shrugs) Oh well, if she doesn't want to get up, I'll definitely get her out of the pillow!

(A little while later)

Kim: I really am a cooking master! Look at that - sunflower seed waffles! (Picks up Luna)
Luna: What's the big idea?!
Kim: Take it easy, Loony, you'll help me to get Anne out of the pillow! (Places the waffles at the side of Anne, and puts Luna at the side of the plate) Alright... This got to count! (Pokes Anne slightly and runs away as fast as Kim and Stella can)
Anne: (Blinks) What's wrong with people poking me the whole day?
Luna: Surprise! Kim made these for breakfast! These are sunflower seed waffles, that's his specialty!
Anne: Oh... That's nice of him... (Rubs her eyes in a cute way and sits up)
Kim: (Comes in) Good morning, sleepyhead!
Anne: Good morning, Kim. We had a sleepover!
Um... Can I use someone's hairbrush? The dark and light purple are all lying over each other and it doesn't look very nice...
Stella: You can use my hairbrush.
Kim: I just looked at the clock, and I can say that we slept for 12 hours, and Luna hasn't grown an inch yet! Wait a minute... When I checked the time Luna had left before returning to her normal size, I said 21 hours remained. Now she'll be back to her normal size after 7 hours!
Anne: (Stands up) I need to use the bathroom for a moment. (Takes the brush) Where is it?
And what do we do until then...can Hamsters swim?
Stella: The bathroom is in the corridor on the left.
Kim: Hamsters can't really swim, but I think we have some swimming equipment around here... (Searches for the equipment) Found it! Here's flippers, masks, and rubber snorkels! But Luna... The gear is too big for her at the moment. What's she going to do?
Anne: She can sit on my head! I don't really like to go underwater. And thanks, Stella! (Goes to the bathroom)
Kim: Hang on, I'll get us some towels. We have one each, but I made Luna a mini-towel at this moment.
Luna: I'm scared of heights, you know. I'll be at your right trying to tan myself in the sun.
Kim: Oh, that's right! I must not forget the sun lotion!
Anne: (Opens the door) Can I take a shower?
Kim: Yes, you can!
Anne: Thanks! (Closes the door, locks it and a few minutes later, you can hear a shower running)

(After a few minutes, Anne comes back out)

Kim: Are you ready, Anne? I'm ready, I've packed the necessary gear in the bag, and Stella and Luna are ready!
Anne: I'm ready! I'm wearing a simple dress and my bathing suit is under it!
Kim: We're all set! Sandy Beach, here we come!
Anne: (Snaps her fingers and they all disappear and appear on a quiet part of the beach) Well, we're here!
Stella: Hey Kim, last one to the water is a rotten egg!
Kim: I'm coming, Stella!

Anne: (Picks up Luna) What are we going to do first?
Luna: Let's get tanned in the sun! Can you apply some sun lotion on me?
Anne: Sure! (Gets some blankets, goes to sit on a yellow one and puts Luna on the blue one) And now… (Grabs the bottle with sun lotion and begins to apply it on Luna)
Luna: Oh yes... That's good! Being small does have its benefits!
Anne: *laughs* (Rubs it over her whole body and makes sure that she doesn't miss one single spot that the sun can touch and burn)
Luna: Thanks! I'm all greasy! Shall I help you with the back? I'm sure you can't reach that area of your body.
Anne: Yes, please! (Gives her a small amount of the lotion and turns around)
Luna: [Applies the sun lotion on Anne's back] Phew... Being small does have its bad sides too... Anyway, I'm done with the sun lotion on your back.
Anne: Thanks! (Goes to lie on her stomach) I'll let the sun do her work on my back first.
Luna: I'll let my belly get licked by the sunrays! Keep an eye on me; I'll get fried easily because I'm a small fry!
Anne: Fried hamster! *Laughs* Okay. (Puts her head on her arms)

Kim: The water's so warm... Ah... So relaxing!
Stella: Yes. Hey, what's that lying under the water?
Kim: It's so sparkly! I'll dive and try to get it out of the soil. You'll tag along to help me under the water.
Stella: OK!
(Kim and Stella dives under the water)
Luna: What are those two bathing Hams doing?
Anne: I think they've seen something... Something sparkly... Maybe it's a pearl?

(Kim and Stella comes out of the water)

Kim: Quite a catch, isn't it, Stella?
Stella: Yeah! Quick, get it up on the shore!
(They manage to push the treasure chest on the shore)
Kim: Hey, sun lickers, look what we found in the soil!
Anne: Hey, I'm not licking the sun, it's vice versa! (Stands up, picks the sleeping Luna up and walks to Kim and Stella) What is that?
Kim: It's an old treasure chest! I wonder what's inside.
Stella: There's something on the left side of the chest. It's a key!
(Luna is still sleeping)
Anne: Open it.
Kim: Alright, I'll open it! (Grabs the key from the side of the chest and puts it in the key hole) This is it! I'm turning the key! (Turns the key, and it breaks) Oh no!! The key broke! Wait a minute... The lid is somewhat loose... Let me lift it. (Opens the chest)
Stella: Wow... It's so sparkly! (Pokes Luna) Luna, wake up!
Luna: Not now, sis... Zzz...
Anne: You're pretty strong for opening a chest while the lid is still half closed... (Shakes Luna carefully) Wake up, girl, and look.

Luna: *yawn* Huh? Did I miss something? (Looks at the treasure chest) Wow... It's so bright and sparkly!
Kim: Let's see what we have in here... What's this? A star-shaped gem and a moon-shaped gem? I think I've seen them before...
Stella: That's the Star Stone and the Peace Moon.
Kim: I knew I saw them somewhere! (Looks up) Oh no... It's a seagull, and it's coming straight for us!
(The seagull swoops down and snags Luna from Anne's hands)
Luna: HELP ME!!
Kim: Follow that bird!
Anne: Go ahead, I'll place a magic veil over the chest so nobody will find it. (Is busy with her magic)
Kim: OK!

(Kim and Stella frantically follows the bird, however, Stella trips on a rock. Kim helps her up, but the bird is not visible)

Stella: (cries) Oh no... My sister is gone for good...
Kim: Stella, look over there! I can see a seagull's nest on the top of the palm tree! And lookie what we have there: It's Luna!
Stella: How are we going to get up there?
Kim: The only way to the top is by climbing... But sadly, I can't climb!
Stella: Now what?
Anne: (Follows them panting) W-wait up...(Catches her breath) Pff... Okay, what did I miss?
Kim: Look up in the palm tree. There's where Luna is now - in the seagull nest! We want to get up there and get her, but I can't climb, and Stella, like Luna, is scared of heights!
Anne: I'll get her! (Disappears)
Kim: Where'd she go?
Anne: (Appears in the palm tree) Hello, little birdy! I want my friend back!
Kim: (Shocked) Anne, no! This bird is caring for the nest, and the daring ones trying to get something out of the nest will get pecked!
Anne: I'm not in the nest, I'm on a leaf next to it.
Kim: The same goes for anyone in the same area as the nest, like the palm tree leaves! Try to snag Luna without getting pecked!

Anne: I have an even better idea. Get to a hiding place everybody, and don't be scared of what I'm going to do now! (Transforms back in her normal Neko form) Nya!
Kim: Don't shred Luna to ribbons! C'mon, Stella, we got to hide!
(Kim and Stella runs as fast as they can to a safe hiding spot)
Anne: (Gets an anime sweatdrop on her head) I don't do such things. I'm only going to scare the bird! (Sneaks to the nest and jumps up) MROW! (The bird jumps up and flies away, shrieking)
Anne: Hey, Luna, where are you?
Luna: Anne? Is that you? I'll come up! (Pops out of the bottom of the nest) Yikes! It's a cat!
Anne: (Sweatdrops again) It's me, Anne, in normal form and I'm not a cat, but a Neko, come on. (Holds out her hand)
Luna: Oh... I see! (Walks to Anne's hand and jumps up on it) Thanks for saving me!
Anne: Yeah, yeah, thank me when we're in a safe place. (Sees the bird coming back) Oh dear... Hold on! (Disappears)

Stella: Do you think it's safe to go out now?
Kim: Yes, we heard a loud squawk from the seagull. Let's get out.
(Kim and Stella walk out of the hiding spot)
Anne: (Appears, still in Neko form, in front of Kim and Stella) No! (Puts Luna behind her with Kim and Stella) Stay there!
(The seagull flies right towards them)
Oh dear! Stay there, everyone, I'll chase it away.
Kim: Quick, back to the hiding spot!
(Kim picks up Luna, and they run back to the hiding spot, except Anne)

Anne: MROW! (A sphere with white light appears in her hands)
(The seagull flies towards Anne, she shoots the sphere towards the bird)
(To Kim, Stella and Luna) Close your eyes! (Closes her own and the sphere explodes in mid-air)
Kim: You heard her, do it quickly!
(Kim, Stella and Luna close their eyes)

(The sphere explodes into a big white flash and it blinds the bird)
(The seagull shrieks and flies away a bit weirdly, because he can't see where he's going to)
(Anne jumps up and catches the bird before it hits a tree) Come on, I'll bring you home. (Disappears)
Luna: Can we open our eyes now?
Kim: Wait until Anne comes back, then we can open our eyes.
(Anne appears in the nest and puts the seagull in it)
Anne: Here you go! (Disappears and appears again with Kim, Luna and Stella) You guys can open your eyes now.
(Kim, Stella and Luna open their eyes.)
Stella: That was wicked!
Kim: Of all the coolest things I've ever seen, this one takes the top spot! Let's go home, shall we? We had quite an adventure on the beach!
Anne: (Blushes) Thanks!
That was just a simple lightning flash, powered up a little. (Takes Kim, Stella and Luna in her hand) Shall we teleport to your home, Kim?
Kim: HOLD IT! I almost forgot about the treasure chest! Do you know where it was?
Anne: Sure! (Puts everybody on her head) Wow... Three hamsters are pretty heavy... (Walks to the chest with the veil over it and makes the veil disappear) Here it I'm in my normal form... It looks like if it's the same size as a shoebox...
Kim: Alright, now that we got the chest, let's go back to my home!
Anne: (Picks up the box) Let's go! (Disappears)

(Back in Kim's home)

Kim: Finally home, after three hours on the beach! We're edging close to Luna's resizing!
Luna: I can't wait to be big again! Oh, and thanks for saving me from the seagull, Anne! Pick me up and I'll give you a hug!
Anne: (Grins and picks her up) Here you go! (Holds Luna close to her face)
(Luna hugs Anne)
Stella: Aww... So cute!
Kim: Indeed!
Anne: (Smiles and puts her down again) Okay... Um... Kim... Your house is clearly not built for Nekos... I'll change back to my hamster form. (Changes back) That's better!
Kim: (Thinking) I told them to make the house bigger just in case Nekos arrive... But no, they had to be cheapskates...

Kim: (Talking) Since Anne saved Luna's life, let's celebrate with a party!
Stella: I'll post some posters about the heroic party in the town!
Anne: A party to celebrate me? Do you know the other Ham Ham's?
Luna: Of course! We are the heroines of the town, saving the town again and again! Due to our heroic actions, we are known all over the town!
Anne: Cool! Let's go to the town, then. What's the name of the town you girls live in?
Luna: The town is called Staroon. It's a weird name for a town, but we are famous there! We originally live in a castle where Queen Aurora and King Borealis lives.
Anne: You're princesses?
Luna: Fairy princesses, actually!
Anne: You can fly, then?
Luna: Yes, we can, but I can't do it now that I'm still tiny. Well... What are we waiting for? Let's go to Staroon!
Anne: Okay! Let's go!

(In Staroon)

Stella: Let me prepare the scene. Come with me. (Stella and the others walk to the plaza, where the scene is.) (Taps the mic) Is this thing on? It is? Good. Attention everyone, this is Stella speaking, and this time I want to present someone who just saved my twin sister from peril. Give her an applause, here comes Anne! (The crowd gives an applause as Anne enters the scene.) OK, Anne, the mic is yours! Tell them what happened at Kim's home and on the beach!
Anne: Um...(She's clearly not used to have all the attention to herself) Um... H-hello, everybody… (Waves lightly) I'm Anne...
Stella: (Whispers to Anne) Stage fright isn't anything to be nervous about, you're the star now, show some courage and get talking about what happened with Luna at Kim's home and on Sandy Beach!
Anne: (Turns to Stella and whispers back) I don't have stage fright, I'm just not used to have all the attention aimed to myself.
(Turns back to the mic) Okay well... First I have to say that I'm not a hamster. I'm a neko. But I'm not dangerous for you.

(The crowd is neutral)
Stella: Good, keep going!
Anne: (Smiles) Okay, well... First, Stella was practicing her magic and hit Luna, who was going to say hi to her, with a shrinking spell.
(Walks to Luna and picks her up) See? It was an accident.

(The crowd is surprised)
Stella: That's the spirit, girl! Tell them what happened on the beach!
Anne: Then we had a little sleepover and the next day, we went to the beach. Kim and Stella found a treasure chest and then a seagull attacked us.

(The crowd is even more surprised)
Stella: You've got them now! Continue!
Anne: The seagull took Luna from my hand and flew with her to his nest in a tree.
I hid the chest for other people and changed back to my normal form, which is this form: (Changes into her normal Neko form)

(The crowd is amazed)
Stella: You're such a crowd-pleaser! Keep it up!
Anne: (Changes back to a hamster because she can't get a good grip on the mic and grins) I teleported into the tree, scared the bird away, because I was a neko and he thought I was gonna eat him, took Luna from the nest and brought her down to Kim and Stella.

(The crowd cheers a little)
Kim: Yes... I was there. (Goes up to the mic) I'm Kim, the new owner of Stella and Luna, and I'll tell you what happened along with Anne. Tell them more! This is the best part - get your ears ready!
Anne: Well... The bird flew right towards me.
I was still in my normal Neko form and Kim, Luna and Stella stood behind me.
I used my magic, a big, but simple lightning flash, to blind the bird. It worked, the bird flew off, I catched it and brought it back to his nest.
And now we're here!

(The crowd cheers even more)
Kim: Now that this story has been told, let's start the party!
(The crowd cheers wildly!)
Luna: How come I didn't talk here?
Kim: If you did, the whole crowd would have rolled around on the ground laughing so hard!
Anne: (Swats Kim's head) Don't be mean! But yes, lets start the party! I wanna meet everyone who lives here!
Kim: Ow! Watch it, I almost dropped Luna! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! They got lots of cake here! I'm going to puff up like a balloon after I'm done with them! (Turns to Stella) Stella, take Luna while I'm stuffing my face with cakes! (Gives Luna to Stella)
Stella: Don't worry, I'll take care of Luna!
Anne: I'll go and look around. (Jumps off the stage)
Stella: I'll come with you, Anne!

Anne: Okay, who lives here?
Stella: My little sister Twinkle and Luna's little brother Nocturne. Look over there, Nocturne's here! I wonder what he'll think of his now little sister...
Anne: So you two are not sisters?
Stella: We are still twin sisters, since we came first at the same time. Twinkle and Nocturne came later, but not simultaneously.
Anne: So they are both a sister and brother of both of you then? (Waves to Nocturne) Hello!
(Nocturne waves to Anne)
Stella: Twinkle's around here's somewhere...
Anne: How old are they?
Stella: I and Luna are 10 human years old, Nocturne is 7 and Twinkle is 6.
Anne: And Kim is 18 human years old?
Kim: Yes, I am.
(Runs to Stella (holding Luna) and Anne)

Kim: Those cakes were great!
Anne: (Snickers) I see what you mean... You need fitness now! (Giggles)
Kim: Huh? Where's a mirror when you need one?
Anne: There's a little lake over there...
(Kim goes to the lake and looks into the reflection)
Kim: Yikes! I'm such a chubby hamster!
Stella: Good thing the fatness doesn't last that long,
Kim: What do you mean?
Stella: There is a secret ingredient in the cakes that makes the fat slimmer.
Kim: I don't feel so good... (Kim instantly turns back to normal shape) Hey, I'm back to normal! Now, let's go home, shall we?
Anne: Why? We just came here. I didn't have any cake yet. (Goes to the table and puts a slice in a box) I'll eat it when we're back at your place.

(An hour of the party later)

Kim: OK, let's wrap up this party!
(Stella runs to the scene)
Stella: (Into the mic) Before we leave, I just want to say that you've been a great audience, and great followers too! So we say: Thank you for being here tonight...
Luna: ...And we'll be seeing you again soon!
(The crowd actually rolls on the ground while laughing like mad)
Kim: Luna, that high-pitched finish was a scream! Look at them - they're laughing so freaking hard! Alright, Anne, let's go home!
Anne: (Giggles) I hope to see all of you later! (Waves and the gang disappears from Staroon)

(Back in Kim's home)

Kim: Home, sweet home! Look at the clock! We were in Staroon for an hour, and one hour there equals three hours here! So that means that Luna will be big again in an hour!
Anne: Cool! What are we going to do till then?
Kim: Let's take a trip to the forest for a short walk!
Anne: Okay! Maybe we can find some chestnuts and acorns. I can make some yummy stuff of them!

(In the forest)

Kim: Isn't this magnificent? Fresh air, a lot of berries, fruit, chestnuts and acorns! Luna's safe with me, as she relaxes in my baseball cap.
Anne: Wow... It's beautiful... I have an idea! (Changes back to her Neko form) I can get more berries, fruits, chestnuts and acorns when I'm like this. (Makes a plastic bag appear from her magic) Your cupboard will be filled up to the max when we get home.
Kim: I and Stella can pick berries for you, and look for acorns that have fallen.
Anne: I'll peel the chestnuts from the prickly shell! (Walks behind them)

Kim: Look at those juicy berries! Special delivery!
(Drops the berries in the baseball cap which wakes up Luna)
Luna: Hey! What's going on? Oh... those berries looks so yummy! Do you mind if I eat a berry?
Kim: Go ahead, eat a berry!
Luna: Thanks! (Eats a berry)
Anne: Wow... Strawberries, oranges, apples, cherries... Wow!
Kim: And even raspberries!

(A moment later)

Stella: Look at the catch! This could be a great dish!
Kim: Let's go home and make a wonderful dessert!

(Back in Kim's home)

Kim: We're home! And 50 minutes has passed since I checked the clock last time!
Anne: (Looks in her bag) It's so full... and hard to lift...
Stella: Let me help you lift the bag!
Anne: I'm still a Neko...I don't think you can help me...
Stella: I can use my magic to move the big bag to the kitchen! (Uses some magic to lift the heavy bag into the kitchen)
Anne: Thanks! What are we going to make?
Stella: A fruit salad with acorns and chestnuts! Oh, and turn back into a hamster. This house isn't made for Nekos.
Anne: I know... (Changes back) So... I shall get the stuff we need for the fruit salad (Walks to the enormous bag)

(In the living room)

Luna: Kim! Pick me up!
Kim: Okey-dokey! (Picks up Luna)
Luna: I feel dizzy...
Kim: Anne! Stella! Come here quickly!
(Anne and Stella walk into the living room)
Anne: What's wrong?
Kim: Luna's feeling dizzy, and that means... (Looks at the clock) I'll place her on the floor!
Luna: What's happening to me? (Grows back to normal size)
Luna: I'm back to my normal size!
Kim: It's so good that you are big again!
Anne: Yay, it's good that you're back!

Luna: I have one thing to do now... (Looks fiendishly at Stella)
Stella: L-L-Luna? Why are you staring at me like that?
Luna: I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget! (Begins to chase Stella)
Kim: Eh he he! That'll teach her to never shrink her again! (Looks at the doorway) Stella, no! You'll trip!
Stella: What did you say? (Trips and accidentally shoots a Shrinking Star spell at Kim)
Kim: Oh no... (Shrinks to a very tiny size) Anne, pick me up!
Anne: Oh dear... (Picks him up) And the circle never ends...
Stella: At least nobody got hurt!
Luna: Not yet! (Keeps on chasing Stella)
Kim: I have nothing to worry about! My parents and my siblings will be home within 25 hours! (Kim and Anne laughs as Stella is being chased by an angry Luna)

Oh boy, my first roleplay!
This time, I and :iconsuikerdiamant:~suikerdiamant made a roleplay based on "Puny Luna", where Luna shrunk down to a very tiny size because Stella accidentally fired a shrinking spell on her.

And quite an adventure that was!
~schoolfilmer plays Kim, Stella and Luna, while ~suikerdiamant plays Anne.

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ufxc Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
it's good dat Kim's parents & siblings will be back within 25 hours or else . . i don't know wht will happen if kim's mom and dad and siblings sees him at dat size == . .
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
I think they would be shocked!

Other favorite parts in this roleplay?
ufxc Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
ohhh my fave part was the ending, uhhh . . deh part where Luna chased them XD
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Luna chased Stella in the ending, since Luna said she had a bone to pick with Stella when she's back to her normal size.

My fave part was on the beach, where Luna got snagged by a seagull!
ufxc Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
ohhh dat one ! ! XDD
it's a funny prt too . .
oh well . . i'm not ood in roleplaying and . . story making . . i just like manga making == . .
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
That RP was really fun to do!
Also, it's based on this: [link]
(Stella and Luna are supposed to be on the same size, but here, Stella shrunk Luna by accident, the base of this RP)
ufxc Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
ohh yea i guess so . . O_O
uhh by the way . . when coloring a picture at Adobe Photoshop. .

Does i take hours ? ?
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
It depends on where you color it.
(1 Reply)
Brinton-Brushworks Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great Story Guys:w00t:! I didn't know Stella and Luna could use magic:wow:, and Anna can change into a cat/neko form! Pretty cool stuff;p
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
thanks for liking the story and the compliment
And my name is Anne ^^
And...normally I'm a neko in my drawings, see?: [link]
Brinton-Brushworks Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No Prob:w00t:

The Neko form is pretty Cool!

Sorry bout calling you Anna, instead of Anne^^;
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
thanks ^^
And no problem ^^
My name is difficult.
blowyourownapple Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love the story :iconiloveitmoreplz: especially the end where Luna chase`s Stella :iconheheplz:
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
hé...the Star Stone and the Peace Moon...
Aren't those gems from the game Ham Ham Heartbreak?
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Yes, that's another reference I snuck in while we were doing the RP. Am I sneaky or what?
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
*giggles* yes you are ^^
I liked those games.
you know what they should make?
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
I also liked those games!
I don't know, tell me!
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
a new hamtaro game for the DS ^^
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Actually, there is two - "Nazo Nazo Q", which was only released in Japan, and "Ham-Ham Challenge", which was released worldwide and was based on the Japanese Chibi-styled TV shorts (Around 5 minutes).
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
what is the last one about?
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
The second one on the DS was based on "Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai!", only released in Japan, and why I said chibi was because the head-to-body ratio was off (The heads are larger than the body, freaking hysterically funny!) You can read about it in the "Character Appearance" part here: [link]
Each short was five minutes long.
(1 Reply)
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
Yay ^^
It's up ^^
I was your first roleplay?
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
Yes, you were!
So... What's your favorite moment in this RP?
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
I think we you fell alseep on me ^^
schoolfilmer Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
Oh yes, that one!
The final part was funny for me, where Stella has another accidental spellcast after tripping.
suikerdiamant Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
yeah that part too.
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